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Meet Tee Shirts

We Need Public Support to Address a Public Health Crisis

Purchasing these Tee Shirts helps Grenfell to support our programs and also helps to support the PWUD and PWLE experience across Canada who create them. Developed from the brilliant mind of our National Overdose Response Service staff, these shirts sport a Grenfell logo in the corner along with Stigma Sucks on the back, because...well stigma does suck. These were made with many hours, lots of laughter and many moments of quiet reflection. We hope you feel the same. 

Tee Shirts are available downtown Hamilton at
LEN: Democratic Purveyors of Fine Art & Beautiful Things at 22 Wilson Street 


201899962_142681821293057_7593224027564829660_n (1).jpg

Tee Shirts

Heather Grey, Asphalt Grey, Camo Green

T-shirts on Hangers

Tee Shirts


Every Shirt

Tee Shirts That Help

Buying these shirts helps us support our programs and also support PWUD and PWLE across Canada who make them. Every shirt has "Stigma Sucks" on the back and a Grenfell logo in the bottom corner. 

On Every Tee Shirt

Tee Shirts

Trauma Informed
In Recovery
Rehab Center Tour Guide
Harm Reduction Particpant
Nice People Do Drugs
Freelance Sex Worker
Lived Experience
Emotional Dumpster Fire

The Dead Celebrity Line

"Celebrity shirts also sport the grenfell logo in the corner and "Stimga Sucks" on the back


If you would like to have a shirt made for a loved one that you lost to overdose or mental health, please contact us to request.

Other Celebrities Available:

Philip Seymore Hoffman – Heroin

Whitney Houston – Cocaine

Michael Jackson – Prescription Drugs

Chris Farley – Cocaine

John Belushi – Heroin

Elvis Presley – Prescription Drugs

Bruce Lee – Prescription Drugs

Jim Morrison – Heroin

Jimi Hendrix – Prescription Drugs

Judy Garland – Prescription Drugs

Frida Kahlo – Prescription Drugs

Jean Micheal Basquait – Heroin

Earnest Hemmingway – Suicide

Kate Spade – Suicide

Mark Rothko – Suicide

Featured Below

Janis Joplin - Heroin

Robin William - Suicide

Hunter S Thompson - Suicide

Heath Ledger - Prescription Drugs

Marilyn Monroe - Prescription Drugs

Anthony Bourdain - Suicide

Kurt Cobain - Heroin

River Phenix - Heroin

Sid Vicious - Heroin

Prince - Fentanyl

Tom petty – fentanyl

We need public support to end the sigma around mental health, trauma and addiction.  We need decriminalization of narcotics and sex work.

Wear the tee shirt. 


Order Your Tee Shirt

Thank you, we will be in touch!

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