All our programs operate from a trauma informed framework that caters to the diverse needs of marginalized communities embracing the principals of empower, integrity and self advocacy. We strive to challenge heteronormative, CIS normative, patriarchal, classist, racist and xenophobic ideologies that permeates our society and within our own organization in the hope of facilitating a safe space for all. 

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Connections In

Corrections Program

Our Connections in Corrections Program focuses on folk who are leaving correctional facilities. We offer intensive case management, release planning and housing support for provincial and federal correction inmates. We also offer peer groups (Our On Road series) that focus on reintegration - such as how to obtain ID, where to access services, how to open a bank account, finding healthy hobbies, resume writing, and self esteem building. 


Groups currently on hold due to COVID-19 

Tattooed Woman

Walking With


Our Walking With Women Program provides women who are using substances, experiencing homelessness and those struggling with situations of abuse with peer support groups that are harm reduction focused. This program gives women a place to share, a place to get connected to supports, a place to form a community.


Groups currently on hold due to COVID-19 

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At Risk Youth


Our At Risk Youth Program provides peer support to youth in our community using substances, experiencing homelessness or experiencing violence with peer groups that are harm reduction focused. This program focuses on self esteem, sharing and referral to community services. This is a safe peer space - run by youth for youth. 


Groups currently on hold due to COVID-19 

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Care In Kind


Our Care in Kind Program is a peer group program for seniors in our community, we have groups around crafting, baking and safe spaces to share their extensive life experience. We invite our Youth as well and have a senior to youth mentorship program that combats isolation and depression in both parties.


Groups currently on hold due to COVID-19 

Meet The Program Coordination Team

Kim Ritchie

Executive Director


Tyler Sullivan

At Risk Youth Program



Barb Swietek

Walking With Women Program Coordinator


Rebecca Morris-Miller

Connections in Corrections Program Coordinator