All our programs operate from a trauma informed framework that caters to the diverse needs of marginalized communities embracing the principals of empower, integrity and self advocacy. We strive to challenge heteronormative, CIS normative, patriarchal, classist, racist and xenophobic ideologies that permeates our society and within our own organization in the hope of facilitating a safe space for all. 

In this program we give folks an alternative to regular detox methods, this program takes a harm reduction approach including a tapering program, drug replacement therapy, cannabis support for opioid withdrawal, safe supply as well as abstinence-based models. If your substance is gambling, please reach out as this program could also be a fit for you.

This program has access to an online course that let's you look at various forms of different way to navigate through substance use.

Marchese Home Health Care is our Pharmacy support in this program and the Ramm Clinic our suboxone prescriber. We also have a nurse in this program that sees everyone upon intake if they would like. 

Once in the program a peer worker will help you to navigate withdrawal as well as make referrals to various community partners for aftercare.

We welcome referrals from all programs as well as self referrals at

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Is your substance gambling? Call us, we can help.